ECON Multi Columns Steel Compartment Locker



Colour: Light Grey, beige or 2-tone (beige and brown)


Brand: AMD

Material: 0.6mm thickness cold roll sheet after powder coating

Each compartment with recess handle cam lock (key lock) or latch lock (pad lock) and ventilation holes

For 3 compartment and 6 compartments locker, each compartment with 1 piece of clothe hanger rod and 1 piece of fixed shelf

Size: 1830H x 1143W x 457Dmm

  • ASL345B – 3 Compartment Steel Locker
  • ASL645B – 6 Compartment Steel Locker
  • ASL1245B – 12 Compartment Steel Locker
  • ASL1845B – 18 Compartment Steel Locker

Additional information

Dimensions N/A

"3 Compartments", "6 Compartments", "9 Compartments", "12 Compartments", "18 Compartments"


"A-1830H x 1137W x 381Dmm", "B-1830H x 1137W x 457Dmm", "C-1830H x 915W x 381Dmm", "D-1830H x 915W x 457Dmm"