ECON Manual Hand Push Mobile Compactor (Compactus)



MOBILE COMPACT FILING SYSTEM IS A FILING SYSTEM WHICH INTEGRATED WITH SPACE SAVING CONCEPT. Mobile Compactor is an ideal solution to store more files and boxes, and its save a lot of space as compare to normal standard filing cupboards or standard drawers filing cabinets.

It is a space saving concept storage idea which widely used in Malaysia market. The idea is to maximize storage capacity of a given space with the mobility of the storage cabinet.

Manual Mobile Compactor also called as hand push type mobile compactor, which means you have to push and mobilize the cabinet by your own physical strength. The main components of a mobile compact filing system are: body of the cabinets, metal shelves, mobile base, bearings, and metal tracks. The main material of the whole mobile compactor is mild steel or cold roll steel.

Model available: 4 bays,6 bays, 8 bays, and 10 bays

Colour: Light Grey


Brand: AMD

Size per bay: 2170H x 915W x 420D mm

Aisle space 760mm

Material: 0.7mm thickness cold roll sheet after powder coating

Each bay: 4 adjustable dual purpose metal shelves (suitable for both standard hardcover files, and filing pocket) @ estimated loading weight is 35kgs UDL per level

Plastic  handle is used for mobile compactor.

Model and overall size:

AMC4B –  4 Bays – 2170H x 2440L x 915Wmm

AMC6B –  6 Bays – 2170H x 3280L x 915Wmm

AMC8B –   8 Bays – 2170H x 4120L x 915Wmm

AMC10B – 10 Bays – 2170H x 4950L x 915Wmm

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