Mechanical Mobile Compactor (Compactus)



The efficiency of Malaysia mechanical mobile is because it can mobilize more than 2 bays deep per row. For client who wish to really maximize its storage space or filling space, mechanical can be one of their choices. We can have 3 bays deep , 4 bays deep, 5 bays deep, and maximum 6 bays deep.

Mechanical Mobile Compactor is the contrast of Manual Hand Push Mobile Compctor. It involves more complicated components to form its mechanism. Like manual mobile compactor filing system, we ue the best grade of cold roll steel sheet with thickness 0.7mm (before powder coating), we construct the strong and firm body of the cabinet. The body was punched by imported turret punch machine and bend by hydraulic bending machine, to make a strong and durable frame of the cabinet. Its internal structure is the same as per manual mobile compactor.

The mobile base of mechanical mobile compactor is constructed with 1.2mm thickness roll steel, and it is driven by bearings, steel chains, polish shaft and steel steering. From the outlook of the mechanical mobile compactor, there is a mechanism box attached to the body of the cabinet. The metal track is made of 2.3mm thickness sheet metal and solid flat bar.

Below are the price reference per row of mechanical mobile compactor:


Brand: CAPITAL Material: 0.7mm and 1.2mm thickness Cold Roll Sheet (mild steel)   Specifications:
  1. Size per bay 2185H x 915W x 406.5Dmm and aisle space 762mm
  2. 4 adjustable dual-purpose shelves per bay
  3. Mechanism box with round shaped metal sheering and stopper
  4. Center locking system with flush lock
  5. Optional accessories: metal platform and metal ramp
  Size per row:
  • 1 bay deep: 2185H x 1065W x 406.5Dmm
  • 2 bays deep: 2185H x 1980W x 406.5Dmm
  • 3 bays deep: 2185H x 2895W x 406.5Dmm
  • 4 bays deep: 2185H x 3810W x 406.5Dmm
  • 5 bays deep: 2185H x 4725W x 406.5Dmm
  • 6 bays deep: 2185H x 5640W x 406.5Dmm

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"1 bay deep", "2 bays deep", "3 bays deep", "4 bays deep", "5 bays deep", "6 bays deep"