Custom made/ Tailor made component Boards Storage cabinet

One of our major client, an electronic components manufacturer, at Selangor had ordered a tailor made cabinet to store their component board. Initially the idea was to accommodate 50 pieces of component boards, i.e. 25 pieces for each upper and lower compartment.

Our production had made a mistake in calculation. During first delivery, the cabinet was rejected by client, as it’s only able to accommodate 46 pieces of such board. It was due to the soft-close door hinges, blocking the space of both sides. Then we have no choice but to bring it back to our factory for modification.

Then during second delivery, while we thoughts everything should go fine, then an accident occurred. The base of the cabinet was dented at client ste by unknown reason. Then we have to bring it back to factory again to change the base and side panels of the cabinet.

When everything done, we did the third delivery. This time we handling it with 100% care. Finally the cabinet was accepted by client.