We made according to client request and needs

In Malaysia, other than standard products, such as locker, mobile compact filing system, steel cabinet, we are specialize in tailor made or custom made steel furniture. We may make according to client request, in term of size, structure, and colour.

Normally the process of quoting a tailor made item is as follow:

  1. understanding the needs of client i.e. the purpose of having the cabinets, either for filing purpose or something else
  2. requesting the prefer size of the cabinets
  3. we will provide our feedback or consultations in term of its size and structures, by following our method of productions
  4. Ideally, client shall provide the drawings of the cabinets, even a sketch drawing will do. So that we can have a better understanding of how the cabinet should looks like.
  5. We will send the drawings and details to production manager for cost calculations

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