Upgrade Your Office: Modernize with Drawer Filing Cabinet

Drawers Filing Cabinet

Drawers Filing Cabinet had been in Malaysia market for more than 40 years, it has become the most common filing solution in Malaysia. In other words, it is one of the hottest selling products among the steel furniture. Yet, it still very popular till nowadays.

Conventionally, the models are 2 drawers filing cabinet , 3 drawers filing cabinet and 4 drawers  filing cabinet.

It is made of 0.6mm thickness Cold Roll Steel (mild steel) and runners which made of GI steel. loading weight of each drawer is about 30kgs. Most of the drawer cabinet in this market are come with recess handle as below:

Today, drawers type filing cabinet has been modernized to have a modern look. Instead of plastic recess handle, it has been changed to Goose Head handle (or S-handle), and its runners has been upgraded to ball bearing runner which give a smoother sliding experience for user.  Their overall size are the same as per conventional drawer filing cabinet with recess handle.

Lateral Type Drawer Filing Cabinet

Due to the increasing demand from user to store their paper files with filing pockets, some manufacturers in Malaysia has developed another type filing cabinet, which is called lateral filing cabinet. It’s size is wider, but lessdeeper. It is specialized built for hanging filing pockets, as well as normal filing purpose.


Some users request to have an individual lock for each drawer to serve individual privacy for different staff. The drawers filing cabinet, is made of 0.6mm thickness cold roll sheet, and the bottom of each drawer was added one piece of metal shelves, so that an individual lock can be added on it.

Metal Stand for filing cabinet

The stand is specially made to prevent the filing cabinet from being rusty because of water and also for easier cleaning