Types of Malaysia Mobile Compactor

Among Malaysia Supplier who supplies mobile compactor or mobile compact filing system, there are basically 2 types of mobile compactor, manual type mobile compactor and mechanical type mobile compactor.


Manual Mobile Compactor also called as hand push type mobile compactor, which means you have to push and mobilize the cabinet by your own physical strength. Its standard specifcation is:

compactor’s body are made of 0.7mm thickness cold roll sheet

the track is made of 50mm steel square hollow

Metal shelves is dual purpose shelves, which mean suitable for both standard hardcover files, and filing pocket. Estimated loading weight is 30kgs to 65kgs.

Steel handles for twin bay mobile compactor, and plastic handle for single bay mobile compactor.

Its is very popular in Malaysia for its cheap and low cost (as compared with mechanical type, and also it user effectiveness in space saving. It creates more flexibility in office space planning, and fully utilize the space given.


So far mechanical mobile compactor is less popular in Malaysia due to its high costing in Malaysia. Its overall specifications are almost the same as per manual mobile compactor, except it is operated with steering wheels.

The efficiency of Malaysia mechanical mobile is because it can mobilize more than 2 bays deep per row. For client who wish to really really maximize its storage space or filling space, mechanical can be one of their choices. We can have 3 bays deep , 4 bays deep, 5 bays deep, and maximum 6 bays deep.

For mechanical type mobile comapctr, kindly contact us for more details.