Tailor made or custom made steel cabinet, Malaysia

Our company undertakes a lot of inquiry of custom made steel cabinets, such as special size compactor, locker with special colour / size/ structure, pigeon hole cabinet etc.

For tailor made steel cabinet, normally we will take 4 to 5 weeks of working days for fabrication. We do understand that not every customer looking for bulk quantity, and some are used for their how or small office, therefore we do not require minimum order quantity for tailor made item. Our material from 0.6mm to maximum 1.2mm thickness mild steel.

We are providing customer friendly service to our client. We will try to understand client needs, such as loading weight, items to be store in the cabinet, and also the the overall size requirement. Then We will sketch a drawing to confirm the design before quoting a price. Our price is considered reasonable among the Malaysia market.

Below are some of the custom made cabinet which we have supplied to Malaysia local market.