Special Made/ Custom Made/ Tailor Made Steel Locker and Wardobe


Small Compartment Phone Storage Locker

Over the past 5 years, there was high demand in phone lockers due to the speedy development in smart phone industry. Nowadays, people may have more than 1 cell phone, one for personal and another one for works. Phone lockers are highly demanded among factories, to let their workers to store their cell phone during working hours.

Phone Lockers with numbering or combination locks

Recently there is a trend that employers prefer to have keyless locker where no key is used to open the door of the locker. Therefore numbering lock and combination lock has become popular and popular. Normally it is a 4- digit number lock, users may set their own combination of number themselves. In case they forget their number, there is a master key to reset the combination of number again.

Eye-Catching Special Colour Steel Locker

Sometimes you no need to have tailor made or custom made stuff to highlight your identity. A special combination of colors can make it very special and representing yourself. Although it just a standard locker, it looks amazing and catching eye balls in such special combination of colors. The colors turn it into a special decorative locker with a little bit extra cost. We encourage our client to request such special colour. We believe this will turn your boring office or working environment into a better and comfortable enviornment.

Special Made Steel Locker Engraved Design Door

As you can see, there was a wording “LOCK IT” on the door, which is specially engraved by laser cutting. The word” LOCK” was designed like a symbol of a lock.  The overall lockers looks fresh and modern.