Filing is an important section within an organization or company. A proper filing system can assist the users to perform their work and transactions efficiently. Due to the development environmental protection, most organizations are decreasing or even abandoning the use of paper work for their daily work.With the continuous development of information technology nowadays, which enable us to store our “paper work” in all form of media, from floppy disk, then Compact Disc (CD), email, hard disk, USB drive, till cloud storage today. However, we are still using a lot of papers in the process of our daily work such as client files, invoices, minutes and also some classified files or documents.

COMPACT FILING SYSTEM (also known as MOBILE COMPACTOR) is new filing concept which integrated with space saving concept. The idea is to maximize storage capacity of a given space with the mobility of the storage cabinet. In Malaysia, there are 3 main popular type of mobile compact filing system, manual type and mechanical type and also side track type. There is another type which is less common in Malaysia, electrical type.

The main components of a mobile compact filing system are: body of the cabinets, metal shelves, mobile base, bearings, and metal tracks. The main material of the whole mobile compactor is mild steel or cold roll steel. The term we use to describe a mobile compactor is “BAY”. For a set of mobile compactor, there are static bays (or rows for mechanical type), double sided movable (or sliding) bay, and single sided movable (sliding) bay.

In conclusion, many organisations in Malaysia are using mobile compact filing system especially law firm, accountant firms, government agencies, and of course, corporate companies. The cost of filing should be lower in the long term given that less space is utilized , and therefore less rental paid by the companies.

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