Single Door Wardrobe for Factory

According to the Labour Law of Malasyia, from 1st of September 2020 onwards, employers are required to provide accommodation with these three items to every employee staying in the provided accommodation:

1. A single bed measuring not less than 1.7 square metres. If a double-decker bed is provided, the space between two beds shall not be less than 0.7 metres.

2. A mattress at least four inches thick, a pillow and a blanket

3. A locked cupboard (measuring a minimum 0.35 metres long, 0.35 metres wide, 0.9 metres high) for the safe custody of the employee’s valuables including passport which may be accessible by the employee at any time.

Following the implementation of this law, a lot of employers in Malaysia, especially factories, which account for most workers in Malaysia, are ordering a lot of lockers and wardrobe for their workers.