Shelf Evolution: Modernizing Library Storage

Traditionally a library is a place of collection of books, media and other readable materials, that is accessible for use by its members . Nowadays due to the speedy development of internet and smart phone’s applications, less people are visiting library.  Users prefer to watch videos and read short article through screen.

Storage of Books / Media

Conventionally library’s books are stored at wooden book shelf, which are more expensive in cost and exposed to risk of termite. Steel library shelving is becoming a preferred choice as it is more durable, no risk to termite, and it can be used after relocation. Normally library shelving is made of 1.0mm to 1.2mm thickness mild steel and it is powder coated finished. Each level of metal shelf can support up to 35kgs UDL.

There are 2 types of model, single sided and double sided. It’s size can be customized according to the needs of users.

Other than individual library racks above, some users prefer to have space saving concept book storage for their library. Mobile compact library shelving is another great options for those who have budget and would like to minimize the space occupied by their books. it can be customized by adding more metal shelves, dividers, doors, and special structure for medial, CDs etc.

Library Book trolley

Some libraries need book trolley to carry their books from one section to another.


School’s Library

Nowadays almost every school in Malaysia, especially primary school and secondary school, are managing their library in a systematic way, all of their books and magazines are properly maintained on library shelving. Therefore there is increasing demand of library shelving in Malaysia market. It can be customized to a lower size for kindergarten and primary school children.

Professional firm: Law Firm and Accountancy Firm

Some law firms and accountancy firms will set up their own library room or library section for their staffs. They will store some academic books, magazine for the reference of their daily works.

Church/ Mosque/ Temple (Religious related place)

In Malaysia, some religious organizations have set up their own library rooms for the welfare of their members, and also their kids. It is a good effort to promote healthy study atmosphere among their members/