Relocating of Mobile Compactor / Mobile Compact Filing System in Malaysia

Other than selling new steel cabinets, we also undertake relocating service of mobile compactor as well. Our service include dismantling, relocating, and reassembling the mobile compactor, within the same floor, same building, and even from one location to the other location.

As mentioned earlier, in Malaysia, Capital Steel Enterprise provide 2 type of mobile compactor / compactus, which are manual type (hand push type), and mechanical type. Price of relocating is different for different type of mobile compactor.


To relocate the mobile compactor, there are a few factors which we will take into account before quoting any price:

  1. Type of mobile compactor (manual type or mechanical type)
  2. Number of bays (Single bays or twin bays for manula mobile compactor, number of bays deep for mechanical mobile compactor)
  3. Any platform within the compactor
  4. The condition of the sites (both sites)
  5. Any lift facility for our worker to carry the compactor?
  6. If we have to carry the compactor by staircase, we need to know on which the compactor is located and to which floor.
  7. whether we should fully dismantle the compactor (which will cost higher) or dismantle partly.
  8. The location of the site (whether we have to transport the compactor by trucks)

Below was the latest job we have done in Kuala Lumpur: