Manual Hand Push Mobile Compact Filing System in Malaysia

CAPITAL STEEL, a reputable steel fabricator in Malaysia located at Sungai Buloh, Selangor, specialize in fabrication of steel furniture, such as locker, cupboards, cabinets, table etc. We are going to talk about the most popular filing solution in Malaysia, Compact Filing System.

Manual Hand Push Mobile Compactor, by its name, mean it is operated by hand. Using best grade of steel material with thickness 0.7mm, we construct the body of the cabinet. The body was punched by imported turret punch machine and bend by hydraulic bending machine, to make a strong and durable frame of the cabinet.

The standard internal structure of mobile compactor comes with 4 pieces of metal shelves with 3 folds bending edges, to increase the loading weight of the metal shelves up to maximum 60kgs UDL per piece. The metal shelves were made to hang standard lateral filing pockets as well. Each bay comes with 5 compartments, and it is estimated to accommodate maximum 60 pieces of hardcover files per bay.

The mobile base is another important parts of the mobile compactor. It is a rectangular metal frame made of 1.2mm thickness cold roll sheet with durable metal bearings, which enable it to roll or to slide on a metal track. Normally, each set of mobile compactor with 1 static bay, which has no bearing on it. The metal track is made of 38mm x 38mm x 2.3mm square hollow with 50mm x 3mm flat bar on top it.

Model available: 4 bay mobile compactor, 5 bay mobile compactor, 6 bay mobile compactor, 7 bay mobile compactor, 8 bay mobile compactor, 9 bay mobile compactor, 10 bay mobile compactor, 11 bay mobile compactor, 12 bay mobile compactor, 13 bay mobile compactor, 14 bay mobile compactor, 15 bay mobile compactor, 16 bay mobile compactor etc.