How to determine the quality of mobile compactor

Today we lost a job of 42 bays manual mobile compactor (3 sets of 7 twin bays) from a regular customer at Pudu, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We are quite upset not because of losing the job or order, but because of the customer could not find the real value of our service and value, but decision was made purely based on the pricing itself.

Lets talk about how to determine the quality of mobile compactor in Malaysia Market.

In Malaysia market, all of the manufacturers are located at Selangor area. Each manufacturer has their own spec and design.

In term material, we are using 0.7mm thickness of cold roll sheet for the body and shelves of the compactor, 1.2mm for the mobile base, and using quality bearings. In term of finishing, our powder coating finsihing is in textured finished, which could make the metal sheet more solid, as the metal sheet will before 0.83mm (from 0.7mm) after powder coating.

In term of the structure of our mobile compactus, our back panel is formed by 2 pieces of bended metal panel, which make the overall structure of the compactor stronger and more stable.

To all and potential customers, our service is including having a site visit, providing layout, professional advice and of course quality products. As we mention in the earlier post, OUR PRICE IS NOT CHEAP, BUT DEFINITELY VALUE IN MONEY. I can’t said that we having the best quality but our quality is definitely can meet your needs and usage.

Anyway, although we lost the job, but we are still very confident with our products, which can’t be judge from our pricing.