Gun Rack / Weapon Storage in Malaysia

In Malaysia, there are very low demand on gun rack or weapon storage cabinet, due to the restriction on weapon ownership by Malaysia government. Basically only a few group of people in Malaysia who are allowed to own a gun or rifle, other than military and police force, such as security guard or security company, people who own a license for hunting purpose etc.

Last month, we received an order from an contractor to tailor made a special type of gun rack for police station at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It is a mobile compact gun rack or mobile compactor type gun rack.

It was a 4 bays hand push type mobile gun rack. It was made of 1.2mm thickness mild steel, the thickness material we can make. It consisted of special rack structure for short gun and rifle, and also a few metal shelves for bullet boxes. For this tailor made compactor type gun rack, we have spend 5 weeks to get it done.