Drawers Filing Cabinets

In Malaysia steel furniture market, the most common filing solution is using the drawers type filing cabinet. We have 2 drawers filing cabinet, 3 drawers filing cabinet, and 4 drawer filing cabinet. Each lock with central locking system.

But today we have made one sample of 4 drawers filing cabinet with individual lock.

Standard size 4 drawer filing cabinet with individual locking system

The drawers filing cabinet (as above), is made of 0.6mm thickness cold roll sheet, and the bottom of each drawer was added one piece of metal shelves, so that an individual lock can be added on it. The client is from Kuala Lumpur (KL) who was requesting this type of tailor made cabinet for its branch at Petaling Jaya (PJ) Selangor. The purpose of having this type of custom made drawer filing cabinet is to serve individual privacy for different staff.

Yesterday, we also receive a Malaysian client’s request, who want to have a cabinet stand for the 4 drawer filing cabinet.

4 drawer filing cabinet with stand

The stand preventing the filing cabinet from being rusty because of water and also for easier cleaning

Client is welcome to contact our Malaysia hotline 012-3299396 for further discussion about the drawer filing cabinet.