Cheap Steel Locker or Quality Steel Locker

In Malaysia steel furniture market, there are a lot of locker manufacturers in Malaysia. Previously all of the locker either made of steel or mild steel or wood, now we have ABS type (A kind of plastic) locker in Malaysia.

As one of the major, leading steel locker supplier in Malaysia, we only supply steel locker in Malaysia market, main market section is at Kuala Lumpur (KL), and Selangor. Our standard steel locker are 1 compartment locker, 2 compartment locker, 3 compartment locker, 4 compartment locker, 6 compartment locker, 12 compartments locker, and 18 compartments locker. Two sizes for single columns locker, 1830mm x 381mm x 381mm ( or 72 inches x 15 inches x 15 inches), and 1830mm x 381mm x 457mm (or 72 inches x 15 inches x 18 inches). For multi columns locker, i.e. 12 compartment locker, and 18 compartment locker, 1830mm x 1137mm x 381mm (or 72 inches x 45 inches x 15 inches), and 1830mm x 915mm x 381mm (or 72 inches x 36 inches x 15 inches)

If you looking for affordable and cheap steel locker in Malaysia, client may choose the smaller size locker, which should be big enough to accommodate and to satisfy client basic needs.

For custom made or tailor made locker, we can do it even one unit, but it will need at least 1 month of working days for fabrication.