Architects and Engineers Efficiency: Smart Solutions in Plan Paper Filing

Architects Engineers Most Headache Problem: Paper Filing Filing

Architects and Engineers of all fields , always deal with a lot of plan papers during the course of their daily work. They record the outcome of their work on plan paper, and they need to access them from time to time. Along with the development of digital storage, there is a trend to store their work in digital form rather than in physical form. However plan paper is still the more convenient means especially when visiting their actual site. Normally plan paper available in 3 sizes: A1, AO, and AQ.

They need a system to manage their plan papers properly.

Basically in Malaysia, there are 2 types of plan paper storage cabinet which are often used by architects to store and to file their plan paper, horizontal plan filing cabinet and vertical plan filing cabinet.

Horizontal Plan File Cabinet

Horizontal plan paper comes with 6 drawers, central locking system, and each drawers with a metal flip panel. Normally it is made of 0.8mm thickness or thicker thickness of cold roll steel. For the convenience of user, some manufacturer provide 4 metal stands to lift up the height of the cabinet.

Vertical Plan File Cabinet

Vertical plan file cabinet comes with 4 prolong more popular in Malaysia, may be because of its easy access to any specific plan paper. However, user have to take notes that, you can’t simply store your plan papers once you have bought a vertical plan file cabinet. You have to use plan strips to stick on the plan paper, before you can store it inside the plan cabinet.