About Us

CAPITAL STEEL ENTERPRISE is a registered manufacturer company in Malaysia engaging in manufacturing of steel furniture, such as steel compartment locker, steel mobile compactor or compactus, steel cabinets, steel cupboards, pigeon hole cabinets and also tailor made or custom made steel furniture. Our core manufacturing and marketing activities including:


  • Compact Filing System: manual mobile compactor, and mechanical mobile compactor
  • Steel Filing Cabinets / Steel Cupboards / Steel Wardrobes
  • Compartments Steel Locker
  • Boltless Rack
  • Library shelves & book trolley
  • Steel pigeon hole cabinets
  • Steel Work Table, Steel Desk & Steel Mobile Pedestal
  • Other Tailor Made Mild Steel Storage Racks/ Steel Shelves and Steel Cabinets

Our market mainly concentrated in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor areas. We also cover other states in Malaysia, including Sabah and Sarawak.

Our clients including school, factories, government department, college, and oil and gas company etc.  We offer our steel furniture or steel cabinets in affordable price and good quality in Malaysia

If you are looking for quality steel furniture or steel cabinets in Malaysia with promotion price, we are the definitely office furniture company that you should approach

Our price may not the lowest or cheapest in the market, but definitely the quality and durability of our products is value for money.